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Occurrence record: Marine Invertebrates:C14783

Preserved specimen of Chthamalus antennatus Darwin, 1854 | Six-plated Barnacle recorded on 2021-11-23


Data partner OZCAM (Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums) Provider
Data resource South Australian Museum Adelaide provider for OZCAM
Institution code South Australian Museum
Supplied institution code "SAMA"
Collection South Australian Museum Marine Invertebrates Collection
Supplied collection code "Marine Invertebrates"
Catalog number C14783
Other catalog numbers ["ecatalogue.irn:825891"]
Record type Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "Preserved Specimen"
Preparations Wet Specimen
Identified by Willoughby, Jasper & Petersen, Oliver  
Collector 1.  Willoughby, Jasper   2.  Flinders University Petersen, Oliver   3.  Flinders University Sorokin, Shirley J   4.  South Australian Museum  
Supplied as "Willoughby, Jasper - Flinders University Petersen, Oliver - Flinders University Sorokin, Shirley J - South Australian Museum"
Record number BB011
Individual count 3
License CC-BY
Type PhysicalObject
Presence/Absence PRESENT
Supplied as present
Sampling protocol [by hand]
Dataset / Survey name [Bush Blitz 2021 Yalata]
Date identified 2021-11-22


Dataset / Survey name Bush Blitz 2021 Yalata  
Event ID
Occurrence date 2021-11-23
Sampling protocol by hand  
Date precision DAY


Scientific name Chthamalus antennatus
Identified to rank species
Common name Six-plated Barnacle
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Maxillopoda
Supplied as "Cirripedia"
Order Sessilia
Supplied as "Balanomorpha"
Family Chthamalidae
Genus Chthamalus
Species Chthamalus antennatus
Name match metric exactMatch
Scientific name authorship Darwin, 1854
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC


Country Australia
State or Territory South Australia
Latitude -32.01775
Supplied as: "-32.0177498"
Longitude 132.340327
Supplied as: "132.3403272"
Datum EPSG:4326
Verbatim locality Cape Nuyts (opposite Mexican Hat)
Minimum depth in metres 0.5
Coordinate precision Unknown
Terrestrial true
Verbatim latitude 32 01 04 S
Marine false
Country Code AU
Verbatim longitude 132 20 25 E

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    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    CAPAD 2016 Marine Nuyts Archipelago
    CAPAD 2016 Terrestrial Fowlers Bay
    CAPAD 2018 Marine Nuyts Archipelago
    CAPAD 2020 Marine Nuyts Archipelago
    CAPAD 2020 Terrestrial Fowlers Bay
    NRM Regions 2010 Eyre Peninsula
    NRM Regions 2017 Eyre Peninsula
    Area management
    National Landcare Program Management Units 2018 Eyre Peninsula
    IBRA 6 Regions Eyre Yorke Block
    IBRA 7 Regions Eyre Yorke Block
    IBRA 7 Subregions Eyre Mallee
    States including coastal waters South Australia (including Coastal Waters)
    ASGS Australian States and Territories South Australia
    Australian States and Territories South Australia
    Indigenous Land Use Agreements Far West Coast Native Title Settlement ILUA
    Local Government Areas 2011 Unincorporated SA
    Local Government Areas 2012 deprecated Unincorp. West Coast
    National Native Title Register (NNTR, Determinations of Native Title) - boundaries and core attributes Far West Coast
    PSMA ABS Census Indigenous Language Speakers by Area - I01B (2016) 194
    PSMA ABS Census Selected Person Characteristics by Indigenous Status by Area - I01A (2016) 697
    PSMA ABS Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (2016) REST OF SA
    PSMA ABS SA2 Statistical Areas (2016) WEST COAST (SA)
    PSMA ABS SA4 Statistical Areas (2016) SOUTH AUSTRALIA - OUTBACK
    PSMA Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries (2018) GREY
    PSMA Indigenous Areas (2016) CEDUNA - WEST COAST
    PSMA Indigenous Locations (2016) SOUTH-WEST COAST
    PSMA Indigenous Regions (2016) PORT LINCOLN - CEDUNA
    PSMA Remoteness Areas (2016) Very Remote Australia
    PSMA State Electoral Boundaries (2018) LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL
    PSMA States (2016) SOUTH AUSTRALIA
    World Country Boundaries Australia
    Forests of Australia 2018B Non forest

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Occurrence Density 474.0 frequency
    Species Richness 224.0 frequency
    Precipitation - annual (Bio12) 310.2857 mm
    Precipitation - coldest quarter (Bio19) 132.28572 mm
    Precipitation - driest period (Bio14) 2.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest quarter (Bio17) 35.42857 mm
    Precipitation - seasonality (Bio15) 51.0 mm
    Precipitation - warmest quarter (Bio18) 38.57143 mm
    Precipitation - wettest period (Bio13) 12.142858 mm
    Precipitation - wettest quarter (Bio16) 133.42857 mm
    Radiation - annual mean (Bio20) 19.371428 MJ/m2/day
    Radiation - seasonality (Bio23) 35.42857
    Radiation - warmest quarter (Bio26) 26.9 MJ/m2/day
    Temperature - annual mean (Bio01) 17.085714 degrees C
    Temperature - annual range (Bio07) 19.22857 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest period min (Bio06) 6.4857144 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest quarter mean (Bio11) 12.785714 degrees C
    Temperature - diurnal range mean (Bio02) 9.985714 degrees C
    Temperature - driest quarter mean (Bio09) 20.871428 degrees C
    Temperature - isothermality (Bio03) 0.52 %
    Temperature - seasonality (Bio04) 1.11
    Temperature - warmest period max (Bio05) 25.714287 degrees C
    Temperature - warmest quarter (Bio10) 20.928572 degrees C
    Temperature - wettest quarter mean (Bio08) 12.885714 degrees C
    WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - annual mean 16.866667 °C
    Moisture Index - annual mean (Bio28) 0.19285715
    Moisture Index - highest quarter mean (Bio32) 0.46285716
    Elevation 18.0 m