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Occurrence record: Invertebrates - Marine & Other:P.100944

Preserved specimen of Chroestia lota Marsden & Fenwick, 1984 recorded on 2004-04-02


Data partner OZCAM (Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums) Provider
Data resource Australian Museum provider for OZCAM
Institution code Australian Museum
Supplied institution code "AM"
Collection Australian Museum Marine Invertebrate Collection
Supplied collection code "Invertebrates - Marine & Other"
Catalog number P.100944
Other catalog numbers ["ecatalogue.irn:2202200","urn:catalog:AM:Invertebrates - Marine & Other:P.100944"]
Occurrence ID - Marine & Other:P.100944
Record type Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "PreservedSpecimen"
Identified by Hughes, Dr Lauren E - Australian Museum  
Sex Male
Associated Occurrence Status Associated record
Associated occurrences The occurrence is associated with a representative record.
For more information see Inferred associated occurrence details
License CC-BY 3.0 (Au)
Presence/Absence PRESENT
Associated records ASSOCIATED
Date identified 2016
Identification remarks ecatalogue.IdeComments: "might revert to Talorchestia terraeregina according to Hughes, 2017";


Event ID
Identification remarks ecatalogue.IdeComments: "might revert to Talorchestia terraeregina according to Hughes, 2017";
Occurrence date 2004-04-02
Date precision DAY


Scientific name Chroestia lota
Supplied scientific name "Chroestia lota Marsden & Fenwick, 1984"
Identified to rank species
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Malacostraca
Order Amphipoda
Family Talitridae
Genus Chroestia
Species Chroestia lota
Name match metric exactMatch
Accepted name Chroestia lota Marsden & Fenwick, 1984
Scientific name authorship Marsden & Fenwick, 1984
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Name according to Marsden & Fenwick, 1984


Country Australia
State or Territory Queensland
Latitude -20.02332
Supplied as: "-20.02332"
Longitude 148.23971
Supplied as: "148.23971"
Datum EPSG:4326
Verbatim locality Daddys Creek, Bowen (southern end)
Location remarks ecatalogue.LocCollectionEventLocal: "[QLD 846] Australia, Queensland, Daddys Creek, Bowen (southern end) (20° 01' 24" S, 148° 14' 23" E) 02/04/2004 - 02/04/2004, Serejo, Dr Cristiana Seitveira - Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro(Collector), Lowry, Dr James Kenneth - Aust";
Coordinate precision 1e-05
Coordinate uncertainty (in metres) 100.0
Terrestrial true
Verbatim latitude 20° 1' 24.000" S
Marine false
Country Code AU
Verbatim longitude 148° 14' 23.000" E

Additional properties

dcterms:modified 2017/10/10
dcterms:type PhysicalObject
dcterms modified 2017/10/10
dcterms type PhysicalObject
verbatim uncertainty 10m-100m

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    Referenced in publications

    Publication: Curated Plant and Invertebrate Data for Bushfire Modelling


    This data asset contains observations of individual plants and animals (“occurrences”) sourced from the Atlas of Living Australia. Data on vascular plants are based on the following paper: Godfree et al. (2021) Implications of the 2019-2020 Megafires for the Biogeography and Conservation of Australian Vegetation. Nature Communications 12: 1023 Data on invertebrates are from the following report: Marsh et al. (2021) Threatened species hub report: Assessment of the impacts of the 2019-20 wildfires on southern and eastern Australia on invertebrate species. NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub Project 8.3.1 Final report, Brisbane. Both studies were performed to understand the impacts of the Australian “Black Summer” (2019-20) fires on the taxonomic group in question. Consequently, this aggregated dataset is designed to support off-the-shelf bushfire impact modelling, and to provide useful context for associated biodiversity conservation work. A total of 896 species of vascular plants and 44,146 invertebrate species. The combined data asset was produced by the Science & Decision Support Team at the Atlas of living Australia (ALA) in collaboration with the authors of the original data sets. This was done as part of an Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) bushfire data challenges project. The data contained in this deposition has been cleaned by researchers and taxonomists to ensure it is of high quality. Therefore, compared to data returned by the ALA, the unique record ID’s may return a different species or location than is denoted in this data set: these records have potentially been changed by the authors of the data to reflect what they believe is correct.

    Version of the data used in the publication
    Scientific nameChroestia lota
    Decimal latitude-20.02332
    Decimal longitude148.2397

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    Inferred associated occurrence details

    This record is associated with the representative record. This mean another record has been detected to be similar to this record, and that the other record (the representative record) has the most detailed information for the occurrence. More information about the duplication detection methods and terminology in use is available here:

    Representative Record
    Record UUID a7ef5960-e1b4-4bbd-8ffa-2202983911ef
    Data Resource Australian Museum provider for OZCAM
    Raw Scientific Name Chroestia lota Marsden & Fenwick, 1984
    Coordinates -20.02332,148.23971
    Related records
    Record UUID aa9a79f5-6848-46d4-9660-319f57f90106
    Data Resource Australian Museum provider for OZCAM
    Raw Scientific Name Chroestia lota Marsden & Fenwick, 1984
    Coordinates -20.02332,148.23971

    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    Australian Coral Ecoregions Central & North GBR
    CAPAD 2016 Marine Edgecumbe Bay - Bowen
    CAPAD 2018 Marine Edgecumbe Bay - Bowen
    CAPAD 2020 Marine Edgecumbe Bay - Bowen
    NRM Regions 2010 Burdekin
    NRM Regions 2017 Burdekin
    Area management
    National Landcare Program Management Units 2018 Burdekin
    IMCRA 4 Regions Northeast Shelf Province
    IMCRA Meso-scale Bioregions Lucinda-Mackay Coast
    Drainage Divisions Level 1 North East Coast
    Drainage Divisions Level 2 DON RIVER
    States including coastal waters Queensland (including Coastal Waters)
    Indigenous Land Use Agreements Juru People and Ergon Energy ILUA
    Local Government Areas PSMA 2018 WHITSUNDAY REGIONAL
    PSMA State Electoral Boundaries (2018) BURDEKIN
    Vegetation types - native Eucalypt woodlands
    Vegetation types - present cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Occurrence Density 24868.0 frequency
    Species Richness 3324.0 frequency
    Precipitation - annual (Bio12) 841.8571 mm
    Precipitation - coldest quarter (Bio19) 57.142857 mm
    Precipitation - driest period (Bio14) 2.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest quarter (Bio17) 49.57143 mm
    Precipitation - seasonality (Bio15) 90.0 mm
    Precipitation - warmest quarter (Bio18) 478.57144 mm
    Precipitation - wettest period (Bio13) 52.285713 mm
    Precipitation - wettest quarter (Bio16) 498.2857 mm
    Radiation - annual mean (Bio20) 19.7 MJ/m2/day
    Radiation - seasonality (Bio23) 19.0
    Radiation - warmest quarter (Bio26) 22.185715 MJ/m2/day
    Temperature - annual mean (Bio01) 24.157143 degrees C
    Temperature - annual range (Bio07) 17.72857 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest period min (Bio06) 13.914286 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest quarter mean (Bio11) 19.742857 degrees C
    Temperature - diurnal range mean (Bio02) 8.714286 degrees C
    Temperature - driest quarter mean (Bio09) 20.9 degrees C
    Temperature - isothermality (Bio03) 0.49 %
    Temperature - seasonality (Bio04) 1.0642858
    Temperature - warmest period max (Bio05) 31.628572 degrees C
    Temperature - warmest quarter (Bio10) 27.685715 degrees C
    Temperature - wettest quarter mean (Bio08) 27.6 degrees C
    WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - annual mean 24.3625 °C
    WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 53.0 %
    Moisture Index - annual mean (Bio28) 0.44428572
    Moisture Index - highest quarter mean (Bio32) 0.89285713
    Elevation 24.0 m