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OZCAM (Online Zoo-log-i-cal Col-lec-tions of Aus-tralian Muse-ums) pro-vides access to an online data-base of records aggre-gated from fau-nal col-lec-tions data-bases in Aus-tralian museums.

Occurrence record: Gastropoda:[]

PreservedSpecimen of 112450


Data resource Queen Victoria Museum Art Gallery provider for OZCAM
Collection Supplied collection code "Gastropoda"
Catalogue Number []
Record citation QVM:9:23009
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "Preserved Specimen"
Identified by []
Type status ["noIssue"]
Sex Legrand
Life stage CC-BY
Rights []
Collection uid co258
Collection name Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery - Invertebrates
License CC-BY
Associated occurrences 67a1da0a-1893-450b-b2ca-1e76b08deb34
Institution code QVMAG
Occurrence status present
Duplication status D
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided


Collecting date Year: , Month: , Day: 02
Supplied as day:Day 
Date precision Day


Higher classification shrubby damp sclerophyll area near top of hill
Scientific name 112450
Taxon rank [rank not known]
Class Gastropoda
Supplied as "{"cl110928":"0.0000000000000000000000","cl10941":"TRIABUNNA - BICHENO","cl612":"Fallow less than 3 months","cl510927":"5.5890414423747500000000","cl23":"Glamorgan-Spring Bay","cl12079":"National Park","cl110925":"TAS","cl927":"Tasmania (including Coastal Waters)","cl10930":"South NRM Region","cl10902":"Eucalypt Medium Woodland","cl2020":"Central Tasmania Region","cl988":"Bassian","cl10874":"LYONS","cl10934":"GLAMORGAN - SPRING DAY","cl10933":"TASMANIA - SOUTH-EAST COAST","cl10940":"REMAINDER OF STATE/TERRITORY (TAS.)","cl958":"Lyons","cl12081":"National Park","cl2087":"Maria Island IBA","cl1918":"Primarily Vegetated Natural & Semi-Natural Terrestrial Vegetation Woody Trees Closed","cl10923":"GLAMORGAN-SPRING BAY COUNCIL","cl10944":"Maria Island","cl605":"1-2 cultivations","cl210927":"18788","cl923":"ODsm","cl410927":"21213","cl1052":"Southern Tasmania","cl678":"Nature conservation","cl10929":"REST OF TAS.","cl20":"Tasmanian South East","cl1050b":"National Park","cl12021":"Tasmanian Uplands Province","cl932":"Australia","cl10922":"PROSSER","cl613":"6. Local knowledge","cl10903":"Nature Conservation Reserve","cl1049":"South East","cl2081":"Maria Island","cl2076":"Tall eucalypt forest (temperate)","cl619":"Residual","cl110927":"0.2452928667727760000000","cl10942":"SOUTH EAST COAST","cl2021":"East Tasmanian Hills","cl614":"Stubble ploughed in","cl10921":"LYONS","cl2086":"Remote woodlands","cl2125":"Eucalypt Tall Open Forests","cl2079":"Maria Island","cl110924":"GAZETTED LOCALITY","cl10937":"RURAL BALANCE","cl10872":"APSLEY","cl10936":"Remote Australia","cl604":"Fallow less than 3 months","cl10947":"South NRM Region","cl2013":"Tasmania","cl110944":"National Park","cl110923":"GLAMORGAN-SPRING BAY","cl1048":"Tasmanian South East","cl620":"Eucalyptus open forest","cl10943":"SOUTH EAST","cl1053":"Tasmanian Temperate Forests","cl2022":"Tasmanian Uplands Province","cl2052":"Moisture availability high in winter-spring, moderate in summer, most plant growth in spring","cl1050":"Maria Island","cl10900":"Non-Indigenous, Native forest","cl310927":"4.9501207099107500000000","cl2124":"Eucalyptus (+/- tall) open forest with a dense broad-leaved and/or tree-fern understorey (wet sclerophyll)","cl1076a":"Mixed forest","cl2111":"South","cl618":"Native forests and woodlands","cl1059":"EAST COAST","cl914":"South East","cl10925":"TASMANIA","cl10939":"NOT IN ANY SIGNIFICANT URBAN AREA (TAS.)","cl22":"Tasmania","cl10946":"South NRM Region","cl611":"1-2 cultivations","cl10935":"TASMANIA","cl2084":"Eastern Asutralia Temperate Forests","cl987":"Glamorgan/Spring Bay (M)","cl110922":"Legislative Council","cl10927":"931","cl2085":"Southern Australian Marine","cl959":"Glamorgan/Spring Bay (M)","cl10924":"MARIA ISLAND","cl617":"Eucalypt open forests","cl10938":"REMAINDER OF STATE/TERRITORY","cl606":"Stubble ploughed in","cl2120":"South","cl10928":"0","cl916":"South"}"
Order present
Supplied as "[]"
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Scientific name authorship Legrand


Local government area 112450
Locality Maria Island
Supplied as: "[51,29,27,31,32,33,34,42]"
Habitat shrubby damp sclerophyll area near top of hill
Latitude -42.63333
Supplied as: "2"
Longitude 148.08332
Supplied as: "-42.63333"
Geodetic datum
Supplied datum: "Tasmaphena"
Verbatim coordinate system 50004
Field notes Rhytididae
Coordinate precision Unknown
Georeference protocol EPSG:4326
Biome Terrestrial

Additional properties

mytest 05
portal id Mollusca
State or Territory

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    First of the month Passed
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    Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
    Coordinates are transposed Passed
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    Zero latitude Passed
    Zero longitude Passed
    Supplied country not recognised Passed
    Location not supplied Passed
    Country inferred from coordinates Passed
    Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
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